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We have exciting news to share! The Rigorous Curriculum Dialogue (RCD) for parents are here!  The RCDs for parents will include standards in a parent-friendly language, what students are expected to know, words to know and sample problems with explanations on how to solve a problem or the thinking needed to understand the answer. 

·  The purpose of this resource is to provide families the support at home to assist with the work that is happening in the classroom with RCDs.
·  We are currently building ELA, math and science resources per unit per subject/course.
·  Resources for social studies and technology will be available for the 2020-2021 school year. 
·  Included in this email is the website link for the Rigorous Curriculum Dialogue for parents. 
·  Please share the link and purpose with the teachers, your parents and community members.
·  Parents will be referred to their child's teacher for content support.
·  The district is offering the Rigorous Curriculum Dialogue for Parents electronically through the district website, Facebook and ParentLink.
·  These would be a great resource to include as handouts at school events. 
The Rigorous Curriculum Dialogue for parents website is located at .  
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