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Parental Engagement is the active engagement of parents/guardians in a regular, two - way and meaningful communication process that involves and supports the active learning of students and other school activities and events.  The purpose of the Parental Engagement process is to ensure that parents play an active and integral part in the learning process of their child.

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October/Octubre 2021

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School Agenda

Outline of the Student Handbook:

Elementary School 2021-2022 Student Handbook Online

Electonic Version of the Handbook:

Elementary School 2021-2022 Student Handbook Online

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Read All About It 2nd Edition

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Join us for our school based workshop Read All About It 2nd Edition:

How to Increase Literacy in the Home?  


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In Other News

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Take a few minutes to fill out this survey because WE NEED YOU!
We need your feedback on our Schol-Parent Compact and our District and School Compacts! There will also be some questions on the reservation of funds, how to build staff capacity, the Comprehensive Needs Assessment and the School Improvement Plan.
Thank you VERY much! 

Fall Parent Survey
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Please help us by taking a few minutes and completing our Fall Parent Survey! Each year the Griffin-Spalding County School System (GSCS) tailors our Parental Engagement Program to meet the needs and interests of our parents. Your input is not only valued and welcomed but it is vital for the success of the program. The results of this survey will help us know how to effectively plan parent engagement activities to support our families. Please answer each question as openly and honestly as possible. Your answers will be anonymous. Only one survey should be completed per household. The links are below:

Past Events

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Title I Meeting

Student Showcase Powerpoint

Grade Level Videos

Every Student Succeed Act Video

Supporting Literacy at Home: 7 Steps for Parents

Read All About It 2nd Edition Parent Workshop

We Need Your Input!
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Are you a student, parent, or community member? Keep in touch with us: