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Welcome Anne Street Parents!

What Does Parental Engagement Mean?

Parental Engagement is the active engagement of parents/guardians in a regular, two - way and meaningful communication process that involves and supports the active learning of students and other school activities and events.  The purpose of the Parental Engagement process is to ensure that parents play an active and integral part in the learning process of their child.

School - Parent Compact Forms

Students, parents, teachers, and administrators make up the MIGHTY EAGLES!  It will take each of us to increase student success.  Here at Anne Street, Failure is not an option.  Failure is a choice.  We are a school that does whatever it takes to ensure our students are successful.  Let's choose to achieve an to be successful.  Spread your wings EAGLES and soar high! We have an agreement between the students, parents, teachers, and administrators called the School - Parent Compact.  The purpose of the compact is to inform all stakeholders of the responsibilities we have as a team player in order to increase our students academically.  Please complete this agreement during open house or within the first week of school.  Upon completion of this agreement, we have acknowledged our role in the success of our students as well as our role as an EAGLES TEAM PLAYER!

Parent Surveys & Questionnaires

As a stakeholder in our school, you have a voice.  You will have two opportunities throughout the year to let your voice be heard by completing the parent surveys and questionnaires.  Your feedback is very important to our school family.  The results of these surveys and questionnaires are used to critique the effectiveness of activities and events designed for our parents.  If there is a burning topic of discussion or a desired activity you would like to see taking place here at Anne Street, you must voice it on the survey.  We are here to serve and support our Anne Street families and in order to do this effectively, we must determine your needs.

 Parent Engagement Policy

In life, there are policies for everything (i.e., car and life insurance policies, healthcare policies, banking policies, etc.).  These are no different from the policy established by our school.  Anne Street Elementary School's Parental Engagement Policy has a purpose and that is to build, strengthen, and ensure that effective strategies are in place to:
  • Increase the capacity to involve our parents in a joint partnership with the school.
  • Share, support, and celebrate the academic achievements of our students.
    The Parental Engagement Policy is revised annually to meet the changing needs of our parents, and this policy is then distributed to you.  I encourage you to review and become familiar with this policy as an Anne Street Elementary School stakeholder (PARENT).

    Opportunities for Involvement

    There are several opportunities for parents to be involved, but here are just a few valuable ways:

    Attend Parent Workshops (Monthly)
    Become a School Council Member
    Become a PTO Officer
    Become Superintendent Advisory Council Member
    Attend Parent - Teacher Conferences and other Meetings

Are you a student, parent, or community member? Keep in touch with us: